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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Lieberman in Big Touble! The Bush kiss was too much!

Smooches!!! (This Photo has not been doctored in any way. Bush kisses Lieberman on the cheek.) In recent months I have really grown to dislike Joe Lieberman. His staunch support of Bush on the War in Iraq was the turning point. And let's remember, he was one harshest critics of Clinton when he lied about his affair, but lets Bush lie about a war that gets people killed. Dead. I can't wait until next Tuesday so we can throw the bum out. He says he's going to run as an independent if he fails to win the democratic nomination. If he loses he should accept the fact that the voters have spoken and take his ass home.

"Lamont, a political novice, has support from 54 percent of likely Democratic voters in the Quinnipiac University poll, while Lieberman has support from 41 percent of voters. A similar survey July 20 showed Lamont with a slight advantage for the first time in the campaign."Senator Lieberman's campaign bus seems to be stuck in reverse," poll director Douglas Schwartz said. "Despite visits from former President Bill Clinton and other big-name Democrats, Lieberman has not been able to stem the tide to Lamont."

So, I'm hoping for a Lamont victory so we can add one more "Real" Democrat to the senate.


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