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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Confiscated Airport items given to homeless. Duh. Stupid as Duct Tape!

Remember back in 2003 when Tom Ridge (Homeland Security Secretary) suggested that Americans buy plastic sheeting and duct tape to protect them from a biological or chemical attack? First of all, it would be totally useless to try to seal yourself off from chemicals or toxins using duct tape. Second, it shows just how clueless this administration is. So, how do they top that? Well, now that you can't bring liquids or gels onto planes because they may be bombs, the Bush administration has decided on the best way to properly dispose of the potentially harmful liquids and gels. They're giving them to homeless people! This is a true story (Credit to for the scoop.) These potentially explosive & poisonous shampoos, body gels, deodorants and mascaras are not even being checked to see if they are in fact bombs. So if one of the prohibited items is a bomb, a homeless person or social worker will be the first to know (and die). But they're homeless, so what the hell. By the way, just watched that sahow on FX called 30 days and the guy was living on minimum wage for 30 days and he caught hell. Everybody should watch that episode. It was really enlightening. I'm blogging while listening to the a police scanner via the internet. It's pretty tight. Till next time.


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