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Friday, May 12, 2006

How much worse can it get for Bush and Cheney?

Okay, I know this may be beating a dead horse, but fuck it, I hate these crooked, arrogant bastards so here goes. First, Dick Cheney needs to be able to STAY AWAKE (second instance linked) during important meetings (especially when the press is covering it). Bush hits a new low in the polls of 29% which is still remarkably high to people with a brain... I have heard somewhere that about 40% of the country reads at or below an eighth grade level, so I guess it works out. How do you feel about the government tracking every call you make or receive on your telephone? Bush thinks it's just dandy. The White House is still trying to distance itself from Jack Abramoff, and thus released a log of his visits to the white house. Both of them. Gimme a break, he's been there at least a half-dozen times. Can there be anymore scandal this week for the Bush Administration? I mean it is Friday afternoon. I guess not. 4 days of scandal is more than enough for the wee.....uh, oh! What's this? What's coming across the wires on CNN right now? Oh, you've got to be shitting me. We all know that the director of the CIA, Peter Goss, resigned this week without an explanation, but now it looks like his executive director is in big trouble too. Bush appointee Kyle "Dusty" Foggo's house and office were just searched by the FBI. It seems he has been under investigation by the FBI, IRS, Defense Criminal Investigative Service and the CIA's inspector general, said FBI spokeswoman April Langwell in San Diego. Damn Bush, you just keep the good times rolling!


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