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Monday, March 20, 2006

Put your money where your mouth is! Help Bush and Rummy out in Iraq!

I watched with amazement the Sunday talk shows where the republican spinmeisters were in full effect. They were talking about how well Iraq is going and how it's tough but it's really getting better. Bullshit! Here's an excerpt from the NY times.

"Three years after the American-led invasion of Iraq, top Bush administration officials today reiterated their upbeat assessment of the American military effort and political progress in the country, insisting that the violence plaguing Iraq did not amount to civil war.

President Bush said Sunday he was encouraged by the progress toward forming a unity government in Iraq.

An escalation of sectarian killings since the bombing of a Shiite shrine in a city north of Baghdad last month has intensified assertions that the country is in the throes of a civil war. The latest came today from Iraq's former interim prime minister, Ayad Allawi, in an interview with the BBC.
Mr. Allawi said there had been a daily average of 50 to 60 people throughout the country being killed, "if not more" in the wake of the shrine attack in Samarra.
"If this is not civil war, then God knows what civil war is," he said."

With recruitment at an all-time low (or very near it) I think we should give those people who really support Bush and his policies a chance to put their money where their mouth is. I'm going to post a link here for Operation Yellow Elephant. In short, this program goes out and tries to recruit young college Republicans to join the military and fight and die for their country and their president. Since they sincerely believe in what Bush is doing in Iraq, let them help him by sacrificing themselves for a "noble cause". But of course they spoiled, rich, cowardly brats won't hear of it. They say they can do more for the troops by staying home and supporting them here by blogging and speaking out in support of them. The name they have come up with for them is the "101st fighting keyboarders."

Friday, March 17, 2006

Blogger test

Blogger is acting up today.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Religious Right Thanks God for Dead Soldiers!

You have got to see what the religious nutjobs are doing at funerals for our veterans who have died in Iraq. It's disgusting! Read below.

DODGE CITY, Kansas (CNN) -- This past Saturday morning I found myself in a five-car caravan cutting across the Kansas plains with about 30 religious protesters. In the back of a truck, there were signs that read "Thank God for IED's" and "Thank God for Dead Soldiers."
I was with the Phelps family. They've launched a disturbing campaign to tarnish the funerals of fallen soldiers.
This is a painful drama playing out at dozens of military funerals across the country. The group is led by Fred Phelps.
He and his family have picketed and heckled military families at more than 100 funerals since June. They say the soldiers are fighting for an army that represents a country that accepts homosexuality.
I have spent a great deal of time in the last few weeks tracking the movements of Fred Phelps and his family. Saturday, I followed him and his family from their home in Topeka, Kansas, to a funeral in Dodge City, Kansas.
Fred Phelps is the pastor of Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka. The congregation is made up mostly of his family. Phelps has 13 children, 54 grandchildren and 7 great-grandchildren.
He describes himself as an "old-time" gospel preacher who says, "You can't preach the Bible without preaching the hatred of God."
Phelps and his family have made a name for themselves by showing up at high-profile events preaching their hate-filled brand of Christianity. They blame homosexuals for the destruction of America.
This past weekend's target was Army Sgt. Jessie Davila.
Davila was killed February 20 in Iraq by a suicide bomber. He served as a Marine after graduating from high school. He returned to civilian life, and had a daughter. But he was always a soldier at heart, so two years ago he joined the Army National Guard and was three months into an Iraqi deployment when he was killed.
This is also very much a story about another phenomenon the Phelps protest has created. That's the birth of a group called the "Patriot Guard Riders." They're a volunteer group that came together after hearing that so many military families were being blindsided by the protesters.
More than 400 motorcycles thundered toward this showdown in Dodge City this weekend to make sure Sgt. Jessie Davila's funeral was not overshadowed by the Phelps protest. They converged from small towns all over southwest Kansas to support Sgt. Davila's family. One group leader says, "I knew we would have a crowd, but I didn't know it would be this big."
The procession of rolling thunder escorted Davila's family from memorial services to the grave site on a quiet hill.
In the end, Sgt. Davila's family says they were only able to hear a little bit of the Phelps protest. Davila's mother, Linda Claus, says she's grateful for the Patriot Guard Riders. But she also wants other military families to be aware that this could happen to them.
"When people begin to know what they're (Fred Phelps' family) really doing -- killing the American Dream -- they won't be around very long, because nobody's going to let them. They'll drown them out. They'll be gone," Claus said.
Since CNN started airing reports on these funeral confrontations a few weeks ago, the Patriot Guard Riders say its membership has almost tripled. And more than a dozen states are now considering legislation that would restrict protesting at funerals.
The Phelps family vows to continue these protests. They might be outnumbered, but the way the Patriot Guard Riders see it, it only takes one of them to dishonor the memory of a fallen soldier.

Now that's true conservatism!

Monday, March 06, 2006

Do republicans ever wonder why Bush is so popular?

First his astonishing trip to India, and then to Pakistan where he was also greeted very warmly. With his approval rating under 40% I guess it's the liberal media who's dragging bush so far down. It's a new week and if we've learned anything it's that Bushco can surprise even the best of us with their greed, incompetence and arrogance. I'll keep my eyes and ears open, but it won't be long.