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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Why does Bush allow innocent Iraqi's to be murdered?

I've seen a lot of disturbing images come out of the iraq war but this was one of the worst things I've seen in my life. Security contractors shooting randomly at Iraq motorists as they drive down the street. They're shooting out of the back window of their van with an automatic rifle at anyone they see. This is sick!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

No Exit Strategy! This is our President?!?! Embarassing!

It's difficult to think that this Yahoo represents us to the rest of the world, but he does. When I look at the expression on his face I have to laugh. And people still defend him. I guess that's why WWE is one of the highest rated cable TV shows in the nation and reality shows are all the rage. Worst. President. Ever.

The Lord works in mysterious ways!!!

I love this story!

"SEQUOIA NATIONAL PARK, Calif. -- A minister accused of sexually abusing two teenage parishioners fell 400 feet to his death at Sequoia National Park, officials said. The Rev. Santos Teixeira's death Sunday was under "uncertain circumstances," requiring the National Park Service to notify the FBI of its investigation, Alexandra Picavet, a Sequoia National Park spokeswoman, said Monday. Picavet said park investigators have yet to determine the manner of death and cautioned it was standard procedure to notify the FBI about the case, which happened on federal land."

So why should we be sad?

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Too much good news to post!

Okay, I don't even know where to start. I guess I would start with Tom Delay getting the judge removed from his case because he is a democrat and gave to democratic causes. Hmmm. I wonder if a judge had given to, let's say, a shelter for battered women, would he/she be recused from a spousal abuse case? Or if I had a judge who gave to N.O.W. could I ask for another judge because I don't like the fact that she may be biased against men. This sets a precedent which is unbelievable. And now he's trying to have the case removed from Travis county because it is heavily democratic. He is such a snake. I'll post more later.