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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Bush in a FREE FALL!

You gotta check out this animation I got from Americablog! This is Great!

This is Scary! Find Anyone, Anywhere.

Check out this website if you're looking for a lost friend, schoolmate or you're just a stalker! Try it on yourself if you don't believe me!

2%!?! Just freakin 2%?

When hard times hit, African-Americans are usually the first to feel it because many have low incomes. Often blacks serve as a barometer for the rest of the country. Now only 2% of African-Americans support Bush. And with an error margin of a few points it might be less than that. Remember when the crack epidemic hit in the 80's? Many whites were saying "why do they take those drugs?".. "They need to take moral responsibilty". "They're criminals and they are destroying our society with their drug use." "Lock em up and throw away the key".. and so on. Now if we look at the Meth epidemic plaguing whites in the "heartland" and "bible belt" of the south we don't hear that same rhetoric. And what about the children??? Funny, huh?

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Worst. President. Ever.

Okay, so Bush is back in New Orleans. I don't know why, but I guess he thinks it will help his poll numbers. I don't think so. He's under fire from his conservative base for his nomination of Harriet Miers to the SCOTUS. Home heating oil for this winter will be much higher, and Billions are missing from Iraq. Billions of US taxpayer dollars. And about 35% of the electorate still support him? Don't worry, help is one the way, I hope. Al Gore has raised his head (and viewership on his TV station) and may be considering another run. I must admit I like him better than Kerry. It's rumored he may tap Barack Obama as his running mate. I can see the fun the right-wing nut jobs are going to have with Obama's last name. They would smear the Pope if they thought it would help them retain power. Remember Republicans, WWJD?

Monday, October 03, 2005

OH NO!!! Not Again!!! Tom Delay, please stop, you're killing me!

As reported by MSNBC and the AP, Tom Delay has been indicted again for money laundering. This is on top of his conspiracy indictment. I hope he goes on the Sunday shows again to try to explain this one away. But, those are the republican weaknesses that they can't turn away from: Greed and Power. They claim to hate big government, but only when that government helps people who have no influence or wealth. Way to go Tom... Now I'm just waiting for the photo of Delay in handcuffs... I'll print and frame that one on glossy paper.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

So Judy goes free. But I have a question.

So if Judith Miller never published her story about the Plame leak, why was she sent to the slammer? Why is Novak still free? From what I understand, the investigation should be wrapped up this month. Somehow, I think Rove is going to survive... Bush could always issue a presidential pardon, no matter what he's accused of. Scooter is toast I think... But Cheney doesn't need him as much as Bush needs Rove. My guess is that Scooter will be the fall guy. Anyone with any info on these questions please feel free to post an explanation. As Travolta would say on Welcome back Kotter, "I'm sooooo confused!!!"